A few images from our NYC studio boudoir session. The last few shoots I wanted to offer something a little different. Rather than be in from of a bed or bedroom scene that you traditionally see in boudoir photography, I wanted to give it more of an "commercial" feel.   I will be asking more images this week. Enjoy !

Rooftop in NYC

Rooftop in NYC

NYC Boudoir
New York City Boudoir
Boudoir Shoot
Boudoir Butt Shot
Butt NYC Boudoir
Wall Pose NYC Boudoir
NYC Boudoir
Butt Pose Boudoir

Bon Jovi

I normally keep my blog professional images and stories, but,  I decide to include more personal content on my blog.  I figured why not let people get to know me,  and showcase some of my personal work at the same time.   So I figured I might as well make the first personal/professional post a good one.   :)   Bon Jovi 

bon jovi
Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi


Cold rooftop of NYC

Canon 5D MkIII 50mm 1.2 / Westcott Icelight

Editorial -Having some fun

Canon 5D MkIII Canon 16-35mm 2.8 II

Strong expression

Canon 5D MkIII  135mm F2.0

Always fun to play with shadows lit with the Westcott Icelight

Canon 5D MkIII 50mm 1.2 / Westcott Icelight

Quick little behind the scenes of how I use the Westcott Icelight

Canon 5D MkIII 50mm 1.2 / Westcott Icelight

Raw Masculinity

Canon 5D MkIII 50mm 1.2 


A couple of photos from my editorial shoot with Bollywood's next superstar and runway model Azher.  


Jill's Boudoir Session

It has been a little while. The move to North Carolina has kept me really busy :) I am happy to announce that I am finally settled in !  Get ready for some amazing moving specials......

In the mean time here are a few teaser from Jill's boudoir session !

Apex Boudoir
Cary Apex Boudoir





Just moving down to North Carolina in itself was a little tough for me and my family. For the first 5 months I had to live in a little 1 bedroom in Morrisville with no furniture. The one bonus was the lighting that poured into the rooms was magical, and for this boudoir it set the mood for an amazing session. 

NC boudoir
NC Boudoir
NC Boudoir
NC Boudoir
NC Boudoir
NC Boudoir